Decluttering and Organizing

​A spacious organized home is priceless when realizing its impact on well-being. Most of us constantly complain about possessing too much, being unorganized and lack of time.

The time is now to start declutter and organize, and we are here to help with any space that one struggles with:

  • Bedrooms, Bathroom & Closets
  • Kitchen cabinets, pantries
  • Garage
  • Residential or business Office
  • playroom/family room

Trust our help with any scenario:

  • Everyday clutter & busy families
  • Chronic disorganization/hoarders
  • People with ADHD or disabilities
  • Transitions: Downsizing, Sell/Buy home or a family event

The process is simple and friendly:

  • Create a plan after carefully listening to what’s on client’s mind
  • Sort items into:
    • Dispose
    • Donate
    • Keep
  • Organize kept items

You’ll be refueled with energy after – give it a try.

Space Planning

Using simplicity, we’d like you to make the most out of each home space.​

  • Create more space
  • Improve functionality
  • Design to achieve warm feeling​​

Here are a few examples :

  • Kitchen
    • Clear counter-top with easy access to appliances
    • Optimal cabinet space content arrangement for easy use
  • Bedrooms
    • Best furniture arrangement to get the most spacious feeling
    • Closet organizing for easy use
  • Garage; best usage of this big space for your needs

Stay Organized

The silicon valley is one of the most demanding places to live in. How does one in San Jose or Saratoga CA manage time and emotions the best way?

By staying organized. 

  • How much time do you spend looking for tax documents, kitchen accessories, tools, office supplies etc?
  • How many times did you buy items that you already had, but couldn’t find?
  • Do you sometimes go shopping just to reduce stress?


I encounter the above with all my clients.

(how would it be for you if the above will not be part of your life? Staying organized frees one’s mind, saves time and saves money. It paves the way to thrive and be happy, keep it simple and declutter your mind. 

My “stay organized” plans are guided to eliminate stress involved with decluttering:

  • Implementing small action items (one at a time) prevents being overwhelmed. “It was easier than I thought” is a common response.
  • I constantly see my clients building a positive attitude and motivation to sustain organization.

Examples of what those plans deal with are:

  • Management of clutter and physical possessions, so one doesn’t buy items over and over and be able to find them when needed.
  • Building a systematic filing of documents: pay bills on time, keep track etc
  • Tracking expenses to reduce them.
  • Coaching on how to buy what you need (not having too many pairs of shoes for example, or 200 pens)
  • Kitchen organization and food waste reduction
  • Teenagers organizing habits and education​

Take action – contact me and stay organized.

Packing, Moving and Downsizing

Need to get your home ready to sell? Need to settle into a new home? Is your new home much bigger than the previous one? Is it much smaller?

Moving is an event with lots of emotions involved. It can be overwhelming, no matter what the reason for the move is. It is also a great time to organize for new order in place.

Trust our help with the following: 

  • Packing
  • Going through items and deciding how to handle them (see decluttering & organizing section)
  • Help evaluate what’s worth selling, sell or post “free items”
  • Get settled easily and quickly in the new home
  • Coaching on how to best enjoy the new home