The best kitchen pantry organizing tips

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 #2 The main goal of home organizing services is to create simple systems in order to maintain order on a daily basis. I’ve already written a blog on tips for organizing kitchens. This blog is intended specifically for kitchen pantry organizing. Every week I throw so much expired food from the client’s pantries and it is a shame. With rising inflation and landfill overflow, food waste is MONEY WASTE and ENVIRONMENT HAZARD. All of this is caused by unorganized pantries; Imagine you could save hundreds of $$$ per month and be friends with earth. Wouldn’t you be happy?

So how do we create and sustain an organized pantry?

If you have deep pantry shelves, part of the food will be unreachable and will not be consumed. This is the common reason for food to expire in a pantry. There are two solutions to resolve this:

#1 Install pull out shelves. This way you’ll easily be able to see and reach all items on the shelves. Hire a handyman to do this or DIY. This is the recommended option.

#2 Put food in deep baskets to pull out items and see what’s in there. Make sure to measure the shelves dimensions and purchase baskets that will best fit in and use the whole shelf space.

  1. Make sure to buy good quality pullouts. The hardware should be sturdy and the drawers tall enough, so items don’t fall off the pullouts. Use a professional home organizer to consult with, before proceeding. I’ve seen great pullouts as shown in the photo of a home in Los Gatos, but I’ve seen non-functional low quality ones.
  2. Move bulk items that are in big cardboard boxes into smaller baskets. Each basket will be dedicated to specific items. So for example, if your son is looking for his granola bars, he will know exactly where to find them. Also, cardboard boxes take more space, especially as they get emptier.
  3. If you intend to remodel your kitchen, make sure it is planned that utilizes space the optimal way. The pantry does not have to be a dedicated room. It can be simply cabinets that are:
    1. About 24 inches deep
    2. Have pullouts up to shoulder height
    3. Have adjustable shelves above shoulder height.

Take a look at the photos – this is all you need. Consult with a professional organizer for help. 

Keep it simple! I am always here for you. My experience in building and designing two homes for myself, will happily be shared with you.

 Get started now!

Hagit Koren