Your home is a reflection of your mind

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Welcome to my blog! I have so much I’d like to write and I’ll try do it step by step, so that information will be absorbed and all of you can learn and gain something.

We all have things that bother us; they kind of get stuck in our heads, we wish they would disappear but they don’t. Well, as long as we stay passive these will just stay there. It’s obvious that an action is required, but sometimes it’s just convenient to procrastinate, and there is a price to that. What is that price? It’s our well-being deteriorating.

An un-organized home is one of those annoying things that are like a bone in our throat, but often we ignore it and pay the price. We come home and look away from it, or sometimes close the doors of rooms so we don’t have to confront reality. We sometimes become embarrassed,ashamed and mainly OVERWHELMED.

The mission for me is to help people handle the above, get energized, happy and make the best functional use of their homes. For me it feels better that engineering a new technology. It reaches people’s hearts and this is what matters.

Furthermore, I’ll also be focusing on three more subjects that are as important as having an organized home:

  1. How to keep an organized home in the long term.
  2. How to save money through proper organization.
  3. How to keep a clean environment – buy less but still have all you need and not buy certain products..

All of the above can be achieved through simple day to day habits. Here we go….