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We all receive too much mail. It can be overwhelming; so much paper – where do we start?

I recently had two clients, who wouldn’t open their mail. The piles added up quickly, which just made it worse for them, not to mention the loss of control of finance management. One of my clients had a check of $3000 that was not cashed in close to a year!

There are three simple actions one can take to prevent piles of paper and take control of their personal office:

  1. When taking the mail out of the mailbox, do a rough sorting. Whatever is spam, immediately toss into recycling. This way you minimize the amount of mail entering the door of your home, preventing clutter and saving future time.
  2. Have a dedicated place to put mail. Otherwise, you will not handle all mail.
  3. Once a week, dedicate a time slot in your calendar to handle mail. This way you stay on top of things.

Always here for you,
Hagit Koren