Procrastination – our worst habit

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None of us is perfect. That’s no secret. But all of us can take small actions to organize our lives, make things easier, more flowing. What hinders our progression in life, no matter which area we are referring to? It’s simple – procrastination!

Every time we tell ourselves “we will do it tomorrow” or “we are too busy now to do that” we let ourselves off the hook, but there is a price for everything in life. The price for the above is very high; It is the built of stress, slowly but surely. The result of stress is steep decline of both our mental and physical health, and the price is very costly.

So how do we stop procrastinating?
We take one action per day and commit to it. Instead of having an endless overwhelming to do list, have one or two things per day. When not overwhelmed by so many tasks, we can actually perform our tasks, be motivated and perform even better in the future.

We want to be organized by doing little things on a daily basis:
If we accumulate mail, we will never be in charge of our lives.
If we accumulate clutter of all kinds, we will be living in a messy home with no peace of mind. We won’t be able to find anything in our home or to invite friends.
The best way to stay in control and be happy is to organize a little bit every day.

If you are in the need of help, please reach for help. This will be a HUGE progress. It will be live changing. The role of a good organizer is not only to organize, but also to guide people on how to stay organized. That’s what I do.

Remember – to perform is to act! Every day, bit by bit.
Good luck and to good life.