It’s so fulfilling to do what I do!

by | Jun 5, 2020 | Uncategorized | 0 comments

Last week I gave a presentation to 50 people. It was time to look back at what people say when they write reviews about me and my work. I must say it was a pleasure to read on how I impact people’s lives. That’s exactly why I chose this hard work.

This week I was reached out by a local resident to help a friend who fell to a tough sickness. I was asked to organize a garage, that one could barely walk through. I gladly accepted. When arriving at the lady’s house, I found a woman who is very sick and that’s very sick and stressed. It was a great work out to organize her garage, for sure. But the best reward was to see how this woman was so happy and relieved to see the new look of her garage. She said: “one big thing less to be stressed about”. It’s those moments in life that one remembers forever.

People don’t always ask for help or can’t ask for help, so please take a look around you and help those people reach out for help.

To health and good life.