Get organized – the younger the better

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In recent months, I had the honor to work with a few millennial.

All of them work hard in silicon valley startups and have very little time to think about what’s outside of work. How come they decided to take action and organize their home? I asked them and here’s the answer:

Most of them grew up in homes that were too cluttered. Therefore, those youngsters have no organization skills. The result is stress. Non of them want to continue living the way they grew up. They decided to get organized and learn how to continue being organized. I admire the brave decision. It’s not easy to acknowledge the fact that one needs help and turn things around.

The responses to the transformations were touching:
“This is life changing for me”
“I can”t believe I can find things now”
“Working with you pushed me into action organizing non-tangible parts of my life also”
“You have brought structure into my life”
“I have never seen my kitchen counter top before”

I’m calling all youngsters to take care of yourselves first. You deserve to live happy lives.
Something to think about…

Here’s a kitchen I organized for a lovely lady in her 20’s.
Hagit Koren