Declutter and organize to reduce stress. Declutter your home to organize your mind

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The COVID-19 impact extent is still not fully uncovered and puts us in immense uncertainty. This results in increased stress due to added unknown.

We can look at this situation from another angel: aren’t we usually too busy and under so much stress? Especially where I reside, in the silicon valley San Jose CA metropolitan. Maybe now is a great time to do things we usually don’t have time to do. Those are important actions to reduce stress.

Since I am a professional organizer, I’d like to encourage you all to declutter and organize your homes. Clutter is a main cause for stress. How does decluttering reduce stress? How does organizing reduce stress? There are many articles about this topic one can read. I chose show you my argument through raising some questions first and then listing actual feedback from my clients.

As a start, I’d like you to answer the following questions:

– How does it make you feel, when you see too much stuff around you?
– How do you feel when your living spaces are filled with stuff and there is not enough space for you?
– How does clutter effect your mental health?
– What’s it like to close rooms doors in order to avoid seeing what’s in there?
– How do you enjoy your clothes when your closet is overflowing? Can you find what you need?
– Do you enjoy your breakfast when the kitchen counter is covered with too much stuff?
– Do you enjoy having friends over when your house is not organized?
– Do you leave home for work with a clear mind after seeing clutter at home?
– What comes into your mind when entering your home’s front door?
– How would you feel in a clutter-free home?

I can continue asking more questions, but I assume you understand my message.

When one comes into their home and sees the clutter, instead of relaxing suddenly more stress is built on our shoulders. Have you ever thought of creating a decluttering checklist to relief stress and anxiety? The time is now!

We all say “I’m too busy” or “it would take a lot of time”. Well, this is all true, but we don’t have to do everything in one day. What if we spend an hour each day and slowly make progress? What if family members join the battle? Take it one small step at a time and get going. This is an effective way to get results. Overthinking would just make you overwhelmed. Choose a small space in a designated area.

To get you motivated to start decluttering, here are a few testimonials from my clients:

“Hagit helped me organize my life. organizing my home has strongly impacted my mental health and peace of mind in a powerful way!! “

“I’m now excited to have friends over”

“Hagit has made an immensely positive impact on my quality of life.”

“She’s pushed me into action to continue organizing and has introduced structure in my home that’s been really good for me. “

“I’m very pleased and beyond happy. The impossible job of de-cluttering my bedroom was accomplished!. Not only did I rediscover a place of refuge, I also rediscovered myself sans the clutter.”

“I now feel inspired and empowered.”

These citations express very powerful and emotional. Everyone can hear a sigh of relief through them. Organizing means a new way of living to people. From now on they are energized and motivated, thus meaning less stressed.

It is the little things around us that create big changes. There are lots of those: eating healthy, meditating, exercising, spending time with the family, saving money and many more. Decluttering and organizing are one of those, and certainly an important one. It kind of contradicts what we were taught, that if we make lots of money and buy what we want, we will be happy. Maybe what we need is less stuff and more peace of mind. Lots to think about…

Always here for you.
Hagit Koren